Political Campaign Projects

Ro Khanna for 17th District Congressman 2014:

We manage Ro's campaign in the Chinese community.

China, India, America RoundTable: 

Round Table Two Invitation

Round Table One Invitation;

News Coverage 

Our Projects

Our projects include: content creation, media relation management for commercial, nonprofit, educational, political, and marketing work for businesses and individuals. We also design and produce marketing materials such as brochures, post cards, product packaging, and mass marketing materials.

Marketing Product Design and Production:

Re-Useable Shopping Bags Design and Production: Image 1,Image 2

Sierra Tea Project: OSM facilitated joint venture partnership with China Hunan Tea

Media Invitation by OSM

Sierra Tea Gift Box Jacket Design

Sierra Tea Gift Box Inside Box Design

Sierra Tea Brochure Jacket (Compressed)

Sierra Tea Brochure Fold (Compressed)

Sierra Tea Post Card Front, Back